Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The day sun shines and bright,
as the smiles of  friends enlighten the joy upright,
all the tension building inside steadily,
joy and laughter of the day...etc
dh tak tau nak smbung mcm mane dh..all the ideas didnt come out from my magnificent super-computerized brain,heeee..today is fun..
fun is today..why?coz portfolio will be submitted on thursday,yuhuuuu...thanks DR..you are the best!!hehe..

bnyk2 piala nie,ade yg dmenangi oleh derammer ktorg yg 'SENG' skit..hehe..

1 comment:

adeqmanje said...

hahaha..rjin bnau..gmbr piala pn nk di amek nye.. ;D